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Abandoned Gas Station in Fort Bragg CA

Climate Crisis Workgroup Presents:
GrassRoots Institute Campaign to Prohibit New Fossil Fuel Stations
In Mendocino County

Stopping new Gas Stations just makes sense: 

  • Avoid possible new toxic chemical leaks and pollution sites

  • Acknowledge that the fossil fuel station business model is ultimately doomed as the shift to electric vehicles (EVs) progresses

  • Make a strong statement supporting the ongoing transition to emissions-free transportation

  • Encourage the County to take action consistent with its 2019 declaration of a climate emergency and the need to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Background Facts:

  • Air pollution from vehicle emissions causes thousands of premature deaths each year, especially in low-income/disadvantaged communities

  • Mendocino County has twice as many gas stations as Sonoma County and more than Humboldt County, based on population.

  • Of the 450,000 “brownfield”, polluted sites in the United States, half are a result of petroleum contamination (e.g. old gas stations)

  • According to the California Energy Commission, gasoline sales in Mendocino County are down by 18% compared with 2019

Join the Campaign! 


Sonoma County Leads the Way: 

  • Petaluma was the first city in the nation to pass a new gas station prohibition in 2021.

  • Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Santa Rosa and Windsor followed suit

  • Sonoma County Supervisors passed a county-wide prohibition in 2023

  • Read the Resolution here

“We need to stop investing in fossil fuel infrastructure and start investing in infrastructure that supports a just transition. A ban on new gas stations sends a critical message that the era of climate-disrupting fossil fuels is ending.” -Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins, November 20th, 2023

California Climate Goals- Transportation:

  • 2025 - 250,000 EV charging stations statewide

  • 2030 - 5,000,000 EVs on the roads

  • 2035 - No more California registration of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles

  • 2045 - Net Zero Carbon emissions

  • For more information visit

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