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Hear Carrie on KZYX

Listen in to Core Group Member Crarie Durkee, talking all things GRI in an interview for KZYX Ecology Hour

No New Gas Stations!

Find out how you can help prevent new gas stations from polluting Mendocino County, and learn of the recent major win on preventing a new gas station in Redwood Valley! 

Greening Your Home

Learn the tips and tricks about a greener home (and how it can lead to savings) from CA IPCC scientist Evan Mills

What We Do

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Working groups are the root of what we do here at GRI. Going a step further than the usual nonprofit committee structure they organize, recruit volunteers, and plan their strategies for addressing community needs. Our working groups take action to implement solutions for the common good. 


GRI initially offered courses at Mendocino College campuses in Fort Bragg, Ukiah, and Willits on Grassroots Solutions to Corporate Power. Those discussion-based workshops educated hundreds of Mendocino County residents as to how powerful corporate actors systematically degrade the functioning of our democratic political system: the vitality of our economic system: the health and sustainability of our environmental system, and the international connections of all people on the planet. Education has been a basic part of our mission and our ability to educate through workshops will continue to be an important part of what we do. More info coming soon!

The GRI is a network of friends and neighbors studying, promoting, and working to carry out progressive solutions for the Common Good. The Institute grew out of the Mendocino Coast Chapter of the Alliance for Democracy, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. 

GRI stays busy, and we would love to have you involved! Check out our calendar for the latest events, and be sure to subscribe for alerts. 

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