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Local Candidates and Elections

Encouraging democratic institutions at the local level:

GrassRoots Institute believes that for democracy to be effective it must be robust all the way down to the local level, and that real change begins in our communities. This working group is focused on encouraging our community members to run for political office, and to engage in the political process. The Institute is non-partisan and strictly adheres to the IRS 501c3 restrictions for community based civic educational organizations

Do you live within the Fort Bragg City Limits?


Two years ago there were insufficient candidates to hold a city council election in Fort Bragg.  As a result, the incumbents were re-appointed without a vote of the citizens.  While that resolved the short term problem of filling city council seats, it reveals a bigger problem of anemic citizen participation.  

The GrassRoots Institute supports vibrant local elections that engage the community in robust issue based debate.  We believe elections have an important role in making local government responsive, nimble and innovative.  

Unfortunately, being a candidate for city council and serving on the council can seem a daunting and unrewarding task that discourages many capable people.

The Institute believes demystifying being a candidate and serving on the council, will encourage more Fort Bragg citizens to participate as candidates in the up coming November election.

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