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Climate Change

Climate Crisis Working Group

Collaborating for a brighter, cleaner, climate future, in Mendocino County and beyond-

GRI Volunteer Marcy Snyder outside of her solarized home in Fort Bragg

Electric MTA Bus

GRI Table of Education Materials at local event

Solarizing Mendocino County:

Promoting reduced emissions at every level:

Educating our community and ourselves:

  • Encouraging ease of solar installations 

  • Cross work group organization to promote training of solar installers 

  • Encouraging public agencies to incorporate energy conservation and low emission practices in their programs, in order to reduce greenhouse case emissions and reduce energy costs

  • Hosting meetings with public officials for updates on climate initiatives in the county 

  • Organizing and attending community outreach and education events 

Good News: Sonoma Clean Power announces "Communities in Charge" program to open by March 2023, with a focus on level 2 chargers for undersrved communities. Applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. $3,500 towards purchase and installation, $7,500 for low-income, tribal etc. Click here for more. 

Ready for a
solar home?

Last year, the CPUC voted to decrease the buy back amount for surplus energy produced by home solar. This new cost structure will go into effect on April 14th 2023 and will not affect pre-existing customers. Click here to learn more about getting rooftop solar as a PG&E customer, and make sure to fill out your Interconnection Agreement before April 14th! 

Take Action

To minimize your carbon footprint, charge your EV between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in order to maximize use of solar energy which is abundant on the northern California grid during that time. Charging your EV at night using time-of-use rates may save you a few dollars, but your car will be fueled by electricity generated by natural gas, a fossil fuel! 

Have an action item you'd like to see on our website? Email to submit it for review! 

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