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HEART Video Gallery 

Matthew Coleman at Big River Beach 

Video by Aaron Campisano

"Matt Coleman Was a devoted steward of the earth. He was working for MLT doing bird & fish surveys, invasive removal & other maintenance of trails/areas that MLT managed. The beach grass and lupine at BR were part of his regular commitments. Unfortunately, his life was ended back in 2011. Over the years, I’ve done my best to tackle what he used to call his “nemesis”=amafala at Big River. Thanksgiving day would be his birthday. In his honor, I’d like to continue on with his efforts. I thank you all for joining me in this vision. I look forward to the day that that grass is ALL gone. In the video, he clearly explains the benefits of removing invasive plants. Thank you for helping me carry on in his honor."

(Description by Sue) 

Flora of the Fields

Documentary by Laurie York 

In a time of global uncertainty, Flora Of The Fields explores the life-affirming work of Mendocino, California organic horticulturalists, Winnie Pitrone and Andy Mackey, whose passion for garden and floral design has paved their life’s path. The film shows that it is possible to live simply - doing what you love within a supportive community that values personal integrity, environmental care and shared abundance.

(Description from Vimeo)

Trilby and the Brooms

Photos from HEART volunteers

Trilby Dupont volunteers for HEART. She wondered if she could make small brooms from the European Beach Grass (Ammophila arenaria) we were removing from Big River Beach.

Trilby took some home and returned with a sample of the six or so that she has made so far. What fun to have a work of art be created out of the remains of our work.

IMG_0627 2.jpg
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