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We have a vision- 

Let's Keep Moving Forward, Together 


GRI HEART Volunteer Andy Mackey sings to the California Coastal Commission

We believe: 

Environmental restoration is good for the wellbeing of our community and our local economy. 

We are working to: 

1) Maintain and improve quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors.

2) Nurture community resilience so we are responsive to a rapidly changing technological and climatic future

3)Promote intentional growth for a strong local economy that sustains itself and the environment 

We envision: 

  • Clean up of remaining toxins.

  • Reclaiming an accessible, safe, and clean beach and bay.

  • Daylight creeks and restore wetlands and an estuary.

  • Protect and restore wildlife corridors.

  • Reduce impervious surfaces.

  • Plan initial development adjacent to existing development.

  • Quantify economic costs and benefits of a vibrant, restored coastline.

  • Protect the forested areas on the headlands.

  • NetZero Energy and water construction everywhere on the Headlands.

Recommended Reading:

Want to be part of the push for a community-centered headlands? Fill out the form below to get involved. 

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